Vector Flight Controller + OSD

Vector Flight Controller + OSD
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Vector Flight Controller + OSD

New!Now includes the GPS-Mag V2, which supports GPS+GLONASS!Click here to see the ..

Ex Tax: $279.99

Vector Flight Controller (Controller only)

Replacement Vector main controller, with no cables or accessories. ..

Ex Tax: $149.99


Small and lightweight, the powerful Alerter Buzzer/LED provides important audiovisual information ab..

Ex Tax: $14.99

Vector/MicroVector GPS/Magnetometer V2

The GPS/Magnetometer V2 (for Vector and MicroVector) simultaneously receives and monitors ..

Ex Tax: $66.99

EagleEyes FPV Station

EagleEyesTM FPV Station New to FPV? Please see our FPV overview page here.The Eag..

Ex Tax: $99.99

Plug & Play AV Cable for Fatshark/IRC

Wiring your Vector is now even simpler if you use the popular Fatshark/IRC style video transmitters,..

Ex Tax: $9.99


The InfoPanel LCD display makes it easy to check the status of your Vector or MicroVector equip..

Ex Tax: $32.99

Vector Current Sensor (PSU)

Current sensor/PSU for Vector or MicroVector Flight Controller + OSD.Note: to use the PSU w..

Ex Tax: $39.99

Vector/MicroVector Airspeed Expander with Pitot

The Airspeed Expander allows you to measure true airspeed with your Vector or MicroVector, whic..

Ex Tax: $39.99

Vector/MicroVector GPS Stand

Vector/Microvector GPS Stand, with GPS clip and screw...

Ex Tax: $9.99

Extended 12" Receiver Connection Harness for Vector

 Looking for a longer cable for your Vector? Our extended length six channel receiver..

Ex Tax: $9.99

Extra Receiver Connection Harness for Vector

Looking to move your Vector flight controller from plane to plane but don't want to move the ca..

Ex Tax: $7.99

Vector Cable Set

Set of all four Vector cables:- Audio- Video- GPS harness- Receiver harness..

Ex Tax: $19.99

Vector/MicroVector GPS Cable

GPS harness for the Vector or MicroVector Flight Controller + OSD. ..

Ex Tax: $4.99

USB Mini-B Cable

Replacement USB for Vector Flight Controller +OSD, eLogger V4, or Eagle Eyes FPV Ground St..

Ex Tax: $9.99