Optical RPM Sensor

Optical RPM Sensor

Measures your RPM without need for installing magnets.

The Optical Sensor works with your logger or Data Recorder to measure RPM via reflected infrared light. The sensor contains an IR light source, and an IR detector.

*Compatible with both eLogger and Data Recorder.


The Optical RPM sensor should be installed so that its face (the flat part opposite the wiring) is facing a spinning surface in your model, such as the prop hub, flywheel, spinner, axle, gear, etc.

NOTE: best results will be obtained if the spinning object is solid, with alternating light and dark colors. This is because the Optical sensor has a built in light source, which needs a solid object to reflect off of. So, we do not recommend just pointing the sensor at a propeller, which of course is not solid.

This version of the optical rpm is for the eLogger V4, V3 and the V2, which we have been selling since early 2006. The eLogger V2 has the large white letters "V2" (or "U2") on the bottom of the circuit board, near the RPM/Temp pins. If you are not sure what eLogger version you have, order this optical sensor.  If you have an eLogger V1 please contact our sales department about purchasing an Optical RPM w/ 4wire.

*Cannot be used as a secondary RPM with Pro Data Recorders!   Will only function as a primary RPM

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