Latest Software

Download the latest release or beta/experimental software for your Eagle Tree product below.


Vector + MicroVector Flight Controller + OSD Software

 WindowsTM software for the Vector and MicroVector Flight Controller + OSD

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CLICK HERE to download Vector + MicroVector RELEASE software version 12.67

CLICK HERE to download Vector + MicroVector BETA software version 12.72

Note:  BETA software has had only limited testing, and may be unstable!

Click here for Vector and MicroVector software revision history.



Guardian 2D/3D, OSD Pro, eLogger, Data Recorder, and Seagull Software

Windows​TM software for all Eagle Tree products EXCEPT the MicroVector and Vector.  
 Note: for Eagle Tree products manufactured BEFORE approximately 2007, or for our standard (text) OSD, which was discontinued in 2011, use the "Software for Legacy Eagle Tree Products" below.


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Click here to download RELEASE software, version 10.69 

Click here to download BETA software, version 10.72

Note: beta/experimental software may be unstable!

Click here for software revision history

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Software for Legacy Eagle Tree Products

WindowsTM software for Eagle Tree products manufactured BEFORE approximately 2007, and our standard (text) OSD.

"Legacy" software version 6.93 - eLogger V1 and V2, Data Recorders and Seagull Dashboards manufactured between 2005 and 2007, and our standard (text) OSD.

Click here to download LEGACY soware, version 6.93


"Legacy" software version 5.12 - non-flashable firmware versions of Seagull Flight and Flight Data Recorder V2 (FDR), Seagull Boat and BDR, and Seagull Car and CDR products, (firmware version 3.xx or lower - units shipped from our factory before approximately mid-2005 have non-flashable firmware).

To determine your firmware version, click "Tools, Firmware Control" in the Windows Application.

Click here to download LEGACY software, version 5.12

NOTE: If you have the original Flight Data Recorder, which has a large USB connector and which was discontinued in 2004, please use the CD that came with the recorder.