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Boat Systems
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Seagull Wireless Dashboard Boat System

Find out what's happening on the Water!Whether your model boats are nitro, electric, or gas, wit..

Ex Tax: $359.99

Seagull Wireless Upgrade, 900 MHz

Want to add powerful wireless data telemetry to your eLogger V4? This is what you need!  Allows..

Ex Tax: $199.99

10Hz GPS Expander Module

New GPS Expander Module based on the latest GPS technology. Built-in LED which indicates 3D fix. Our..

Ex Tax: $79.99

Expander Y Cable

Allows you to connect more than one expander to a single port. *Compatible with both eL..

Ex Tax: $34.99

Dashboard SMA Antenna Upgrade

We install an SMA Jack and supply a Rubber Antenna of the correct frequency, which replaces the stan..

Ex Tax: $59.99

Seagull 900 MHz Transmitter

If you want to add wireless telemetry to multiple planes not flying at the same time, only one dashb..

Ex Tax: $119.99

Dual Channel A/D Input Board

Add your own analog sensors! Expander adds two channels of high resolution Analog to Digital to the ..

Ex Tax: $99.99

Brushless Motor RPM Sensor V2

This tiny sensor measures RPM by simply connecting a wire from one of your brushless electric motor ..

Ex Tax: $14.99

Prandtl Pitot Tube Kit

Great for multiple models or as a replacement for people using our Airspeed MicroSensor or Data Reco..

Ex Tax: $9.99

Micro Temp Sensor

Perfect for measuring temps of your batteries and ESC. 250 degrees F max temp.Up to three temper..

Ex Tax: $9.99

G-Force Expander

Measures dual axis acceleration and G-force up to +/- 38 G's. *Compatible with Data Rec..

Ex Tax: $79.99

Motor Loop Temperature Sensor

Loop-around temperature sensor measures temp up to 420 degrees F. Great for looping around motors. ..

Ex Tax: $9.99

Magnetic (Hall Effects) RPM Sensor with 4 magnets

Measures RPM to 50K+.Kit includes Magnetic RPM Sensor + 4 disc magnets*Compatible with both ..

Ex Tax: $9.99

High Gain 900 MHz Yagi Antenna

Out of stock.  Contact for further assistance.For use with the 9..

Ex Tax: $129.99

Spektrum/JR Interface Cable

Now use your eLogger V4 or V3 to see Spektrum/ JR Rx holds/failsafes, lost frames, and antenna fades..

Ex Tax: $4.99